Improve Your Injection Moulding Process with Online eDART Training

RJG Technologies’ eDART® system is one of the most comprehensive and powerful process monitoring systems for injection moulding applications. Gain a thorough understanding of eDART®, enabling you to better identify moulding issues or process inconsistencies with online eDART® training from RJG.

RJG’s eDART® system uses machine and in-cavity pressure sensor data to display and record a fingerprint for every part made. The possibilities for the equipment if used in the right application are no bad parts getting to the customer or, in the right application, zero defects.

RJG’s established eDART® training course is now offered online by RJG UK which teaches the basic installation of the eDART to the machine and tool, how to specify sensors, interpret graphs, monitoring strategies and process control possibilities available from the RJG system.

Upon the completion, attendees will be able to:

  • Interface an eDART with an injection moulding machine
  • Interface an eDART to a containment device
  • Verify operation of a containment device
  • Configure the eDART for part containment (overall shot or individual cavity)
  • Identify machine and process changes through interpreting eDART data and graphs


Course Highlights

  • Part sampling
  • Containment strategies
  • eDART summary and cycle graph interpretation
  • Identify machine and process changes
  • eDART variables to predict part quality
  • Introduction to alarm setting methodologies
  • Utilising eDART data for quality correlations
  • Export data from the eDART

Course Length: 4 days, 2-3 hours per day, with labs that can be completed after each session.

The next course is scheduled to run over four days from September 22nd to 25th. Registration is via the RJG Technologies UK Ltd website. Maximum 12 seats are available at a price of £625.

Register today at

For further details on what’s covered in the course or time schedule, please contact or call 07816757951.

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