Pioneering Plastics: Building the New KraussMaffei

The Munich-based machinery group will use this year’s K 2019 trade fair in Düsseldorf to showcase its new, single brand KraussMaffei. As part of its presence at K 2019, the company will underpin its “Pioneering Plastics” claim by presenting solutions for the Circular Economy, Digitalisation and New Technologies.

Visitors of K 2019 will be able to experience the company’s new corporate design for the first time. As a pioneer in the recycling, upcycling and recompounding of plastics, KraussMaffei has been investing in the research and development of recycling technology for over three decades, enabling its customers to meet today’s requirements of a Circular Economy. Frank Stieler (pictured, above), CEO of KraussMaffei: “KraussMaffei is strongly committed to building a Circular Economy for plastic materials. Guided by our claim “Pioneering Plastics”, we enable our customers to be a successful part of this economy.

For KraussMaffei, Circular Economy is a Management Board topicDr._Michael_Ruf

KraussMaffei’s Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board Michael Ruf has made Circular Economy a topic for the Management Board. Michael Ruf: (pictured, right)The Circular Economy will remain one of the most important topics for our industry in the coming years. We have both ecological obligations and economic opportunities. KraussMaffei’s expertise in recycling and upcycling is already enabling our customers to become part of the Circular Economy. We will continue to pursue this topic with passion, both technologically and within our organisational structure“. Last week, KraussMaffei also signed a cooperation agreement with the Institute for Plastics Technology and Circular Economy (IKK – Institut für Kunststofftechnik und Kreislauf-Wirtschaft) at Leibniz University Hanover.

KraussMaffei’s innovative machines can be used to produce high-quality end products from alternative plastics, such as recycled materials and biodegradable plastics. At the K 2019 trade fair, visitors can see live demonstrations of how KraussMaffei machines can upcycle a polypropylene bucket into a car’s A-pillar. Furthermore, the company will present a range of new technologies and product innovations, such as the new KraussMaffei GX 1100, predestined for larger packaging and logistics applications, as well as four new high-performance ZE BluePower compounding extruders for maximum output rates.

Launching polymore – KraussMaffei’s digital marketplace

At K 2019, the company will launch polymore, the new B2B online marketplace for trading compounds, recyclates and post-industrial recyclables. Polymore connects compounders and converters and allows the simple and secure trading of plastic materials. With this platform, KraussMaffei contributes to the establishment of a circular economy for plastic materials. As a platform for the purchase and sale of compounds, masterbatches, recycled material and post-industrial recyclables in Europe, Polymore is another example of KraussMaffei´s commitment to supporting its customers beyond machinery.

ChemChina means continuity for KraussMaffei

KraussMaffei completed its listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 2018. The listing occurred through the transfer of ChemChina’s stake in KraussMaffei to ChemChina’s majority-owned subsidiary THY (Qingdao Tianhua Institute of Chemistry Engineering), which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As part of this process, the company was recently renamed as KraussMaffei Company Limited (stock exchange symbol: KMCL). In addition to their functions as CEO and CFO of KraussMaffei Group, Frank Stieler and Harald Nippel have been confirmed as the new CEO and CFO of KMCL.

Largest investment project in the company’s history

With support from ChemChina, KraussMaffei has kicked off four projects to modernise its operations on a global scale. The company is currently planning or building modern state-of-the-art production facilities in Munich/Parsdorf, Hannover/Laatzen, Einbeck (Burgsmüller) and Jiaxing/China. CEO Frank Stieler: “We make KraussMaffei fit for the future.


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