Plastic-IT Ltd Launches 4P “Precision-Prototype-Plastic Parts”

4P “Precision-Prototype-Plastic-Parts” is a service providing injection moulded parts, in the correct polymer as specified, from steel moulds, in 10 days (or less) from receipt of CAD.

3D printed parts have their uses for evaluating the look and feel of a part, but they have their limitations as nothing is like the real thing – injection moulded parts in the correct material.

Any quantity from a single part to 20,000 can be supplied from a steel mould, to prototype tolerances – which may be good enough for production – having the same physical properties as real production parts.  The result is fully functional, precision prototype parts, that can be validated and tested within a short turnaround time. This provides the ability and confidence to go into full scale production of injection moulded components that will be right first time, every time.

Richard Webster of Plastic-IT Ltd said, “There’s always been a need for prototypes to be made from the material they will be produced from once approved, but the traditional moulding approach has often been expensive, and the turnaround times of many weeks is just too long. This is often why 3D printed plastic models are substituted for the real thing, but they just don’t deliver a part that can be fully tested.

“Now we can supply injection moulded parts with capabilities such as 2-shot, insert moulding, internal/external threads, overmoulding and Class 100K cleanroom standard, all in custom colour matched materials.  T1 parts can often be achieved in less than 10 days, production can begin straight after customer approval of these parts with delivery starting almost immediately afterwards.  We can also offer a host of post-processing capabilities to add value to our customers’ requirements.”

Founded in 1995 and boasting more than 70 years of combined experience by father and son directors Graham and Richard Webster, Plastic-IT Ltd specialises in providing an unrivalled service from product design optimisation, Moldflow CAE analysis, mould development, training, process engineering and now Precision-Prototype-Plastic-Parts in days.

The resultant expansion of the business has meant a move to new premises in Shropshire.

Richard continues “We are very excited about this new addition to our portfolio.  Our clients want and need shorter lead times for product testing and approval by avoiding costly delays to projects. This can now be achieved with our 4P service.  The competitive pricing means it is more viable than ever to produce real injection moulded parts in place of 3D printed models.”

Plastic-IT Ltd welcome the opportunity to discuss your plastic projects and can provide a detailed quote within 24 hours of receiving your CAD files.

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