Plastics Industry Response to Proposed Tax on Plastic Packaging Products

In response to the government’s proposal to tax certain plastic packaging products the British Plastics Federation has issued the following statement:

The British Plastics Federation feels it is important that all facts are considered during the call for evidence and any measures are proportionate. For example, it should be noted that only 2% of ocean litter comes from the UK, Europe and the USA combined and the plastics industry has invested in hundreds of initiatives to stop plastic leaking into the environment. It should also be taken into account that plastics offer unique, functional benefits and reduce food waste, CO2 emissions and protect products in ways no other material can.

Any interventions from government should involve detailed consultation with all industry stakeholders associated with the supply of food and drink so that they are effective, evidence-based, maximise recycling and minimise the amount of this valuable and recyclable material being lost to the environment, where it can cause harm. At this point in time, we do not feel that taxation is the best course of action but look forward to continuing constructive dialogue with government.

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