Plastribution Conference Pioneers Sustainable Solutions for Plastic Processors

Leading plastic raw materials distributor, Plastribution, held its Sustainable Materials Conference on 12th-13th February 2020, following its launch of the industry’s first Sustainable Materials Portfolio in November 2019.

Over 100 delegates attended Plastribution’s sold-out Sustainable Materials Conference at Coombe Abbey Hotel, Warwickshire, which featured speakers from ExxonMobil, Total, GCR Group, and Aquapak. At a time when many processors are starting to face questions from their customers and end-users on the global issue of sustainability, the pioneering event focused on providing clarity and guidance on sustainable materials, while demonstrating the real solutions available to achieve sustainability goals.

Plastribution’s Commercial Director and Event Chair, Katherine White, explained how the decision to host the event came about:

It’s a very topical subject, and we’ve been receiving a lot of requests from customers wanting to know more about our Sustainable Materials Portfolio, so we thought this was the right time. It seemed like a great opportunity to get our suppliers together and show the customers that practical solutions for sustainability are available right now.”

Plastribution’s Sustainable Materials Portfolio is split into seven branches: Reduced Carbon Footprint; Biodegradable/Compostable Polymers; Water Soluble Polymers; Bio-sourced Content; Circular Economy Grades; Renewable Content; and Recycled and Recyclability. Across the two-day event, presentations were given by suppliers representing the different branches of the portfolio, as well as speakers from Plastribution’s technical team. The company now has a dedicated, in-house sustainability team to support the initiative, who are on-hand to give specialist guidance on this challenging subject. Katherine continued:

We want to be supporting our customers on the issue of sustainability, so our main aim of the event has been to spend a couple of days with our customers, get to know them and their needs, and show them that we’re a technical company that can advise and support them, whether that’s on sustainable plastic or standard plastic.

Before the conference, our technical team has already been spending a lot of time supporting customers on trials with new materials. Some of the products are easy to implement, but some do need adjustments to the processing conditions. Most of the interest has been in our recycled branch; this seems to be the area that people are really focusing on.

Dan Jarvis, Technical Manager at Plastribution, presenting at the conference

The conference clearly proved to be very popular; the places were filled several weeks before the event took place:

This is the biggest turnout we’ve had for any of our events, so we’re really pleased. We run other training programmes already, such as the ‘Injection Moulding for Commercial Staff’ course happening at the end of March, and we’ll continue to host future events. If the demand is there, we would definitely run another sustainability conference.”

PlastikMedia were in attendance for both days of the event; Marketing Account Executive, Will Clarke, explained his experience of the conference:

We’ve had a great couple of days at the Sustainable Materials Conference, it has been highly informative and entertaining, and the setting and organisation of the event have been fantastic. It’s great to see such support from all areas of the plastics industry and to see the real-world answers to sustainability issues available today is very encouraging.”

To find out more about Plastribution’s Sustainable Materials Portfolio, visit the Sustainability area of their site or contact their technical team.


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