Plastribution Updates Customers on Material Supply Chain

The team at Plastribution have published an in-depth COVID-19 information page on their website, updating their customers on the current situation with the polymer supply chain.

The company has taken several steps in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and government advice, including the set up of a dedicated Plastribution COVID-19 team, and an increased move to working from home. Their COVID-19 information page will be updated weekly, or as and when advice changes.

The Plastribution team have not encountered any issues that have impacted their ability to supply customers from their standard stock range, and their main warehouse providers continue to provide excellent service. Please contact Plastribution if you have any concerns about availability of materials or grades that are critical to your business.

Plastribution’s comments on various supply chain issues are covered below. Visit Plastribution’s COVID-19 information page for more detail and guidance.

Polymer manufacture

“We are regularly checking with our supply partners and, so far all Plastribution thermoplastics suppliers report that there has been no impact on production. However, we have heard of issues from other suppliers whose plants are based in the worst affected regions of Italy. We are also starting to see shortages of certain types of product that are not manufactured in Europe and rely on imports from the US, the Far East and Asia, particularly where there is high demand.

“We are checking with our supply partners on a daily basis. Please contact your customer service teams if you would like further information on the supply situation of a particular product or grade.”

Delays at borders

“We have heard from logistics providers that the closure of borders in Europe has created some back logs for freight which is impacting some lead times. We are monitoring the situation closely and have factored increased lead times in to our stock replenishment systems. Should you normally order full truckloads of materials which come straight from the manufacturers’ plant direct to your premises, it may be wise to allow additional time.”

Polymer pricing

“The picture on pricing is currently mixed. The dramatic fall in the oil price has meant substantial reductions in the prices of some key feedstocks. What is still unclear is how much of these reductions will reach polymer prices. The value of Sterling has depreciated significantly against the dollar and euro which has impacted the Sterling price of all polymers. We are also receiving information that prices in China are starting to rise rapidly as their economy recovers meaning that any reduction in polymer prices may be short-lived. We will keep you informed through our Price Know How publication and tweets.”

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