Price of Refrigerants is Soaring, say Refcool Refrigeration

The general trend is that refrigerant pricing is increasing in-line with the overall move towards minimising their use, reducing their GWP (Global Warming Potential) and the increasing use of  ‘Natural Refrigerants’ such as CO2 and Propane Derived solutions.

In addition, the reduction or cessation of production of some older generation refrigerants, some of which are scheduled to be banned for use in new equipment in the near future, is affecting their price and availability even more significantly when required for service use.

Many of the old chiller installations have, of course, already been converted from obsolete refrigerants, such as R22, to ‘drop in’ replacements such as R422D and other compatible types.

However, it is becoming very apparent that these replacement products are now themselves becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to source, now really is the time to consider updating your older water chillers.

The latest models will incorporate more environmentally friendly refrigerants, have the latest energy saving features and are therefore inherently more economical to operate.

If you have any concerns about your chillers or the refrigerants they contain, please contact Refcool for advice or alternatively contact them for a free health check of your equipment.

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