Protool Plastics Group Completes Stage Four of Expansion Plans

Despite current global uncertainty, the Protool Plastics Group is pushing forward with its multiple-stage expansion planned for 2020. Stage four will see the addition of a new Negri Bossi 400-tonne injection moulding machine to its Fareham facility.

The Protool Plastics Group set out an ambitious growth plan at the end of 2019, and despite the uncertainty and unfavourable market conditions since, the Hampshire and Manchester-based moulder has forged ahead with its plans for expansion.

Previous stages of the plans saw investment in injection moulding machinery for both sites, with new injection moulding machines arriving in January and April, increasing the total number of machines, and the range of shot weights available at both the Fareham and Manchester sites. Stage three of the plans was completed in June, as the purchase of an additional adjacent manufacturing unit increased capacity for reshoring and assembly projects at the Manchester facility.

Now, in October 2020, Protool has confirmed the completion of stage four, with the delivery of two new Negri Bossi Canbio 400-tonne injection moulding machines.

Group Managing Director Michael Hadfield confirmed the news: “The whole team in Fareham are very excited by the addition of this new machine, and it further shows the investment plans of the shareholders.

“Negri Bossi has long been the machine of choice of the team in our Fareham facility, and I would like to thank Ian Jobling and Alan Dodds for their help in getting the correct specification machine for our needs.

“The hard work of the teams in Fareham and Manchester has ensured that the company has continued to see growth throughout 2020 despite very challenging conditions.”

Negri Bossi Canbio 400-Tonne

The additional 400-tonne machine increases the capacity of The Protool Plastics Group in this machine range while also adding the latest machine technology to the company’s portfolio.

“This is STAGE FOUR of an ambitious expansion and growth plan formulated at the shareholder review in November 2019, and it is testament to the efforts of every member of staff on both sites that we have been able to carry it out in full,” concluded Michael.

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