Renmar Launches New Flexible Dosing Unit Range

Renmar, a leading ancillary and machinery supplier, have recently launched a range of DVS volumetric dosing units, which is all about flexibility.

With a single dosing unit installed, which is normally bolted directly to the moulding machine, ingredient such as a colour or other additive is accurately fed into the moulding machine via a hopper. However, for a multi-ingredient handling system, it is possible to link up to four units to one moulding machine.

For linking up to four units, a neck-piece links the dosing units to a static mixer which is bolted to the moulding machine. The mixer is necessary as the different ingredients will have different bulk densities which, if not mixed, will lead to a ‘laying’ effect in the final product. Once the mix is complete, it can be fed into the moulding machine.

The exciting new range consists of six different models. The DVS05 is the smallest with dosing rates of between 0.05 and 1.5 kg per hour. The largest, the DVS46, can provide between has dosing rates of between 3 and 60 kg per hour. Every unit has a built-in hopper which can either be filled manually or automatically with a suitable conveying system. Each machine is manufactured in stainless steel and is fitted with a highly efficient brushless motor.

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