RJG Technologies Awarded Best Global Plastic Injection Moulding Consultancy UK

RJG Technologies has been named Best Global Plastic Injection Moulding Consultancy UK in the GHP Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Packaging Awards.

RJG were nominated for the award, following a phase of voting on the GHP website, in the second annual Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards. Following the nomination, the GUP in-house research team collated information about RJG from a variety of sources and presented this to the judging panel.

Year upon year medicine and healthcare organisations work with dedication and drive to ensure they are able to offer the best service possible to their patients. However, it is often forgotten that behind the scenes companies and individuals are working hard to develop clean, safe and innovative products to encase some of the world’s most vitally important items.

Anthony Goff (Consulting Manager) for the company commented:

“This is an astounding accomplishment for RJG Technologies and truly represents the hard work the team have undertaken in the last year supporting our customer’s projects and initiatives.

“We work with many blue chip clients in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging sector as well as with entrepreneurs developing a product for the sector.

“Over the years we have supported many products from part development into industrialisation and mass manufacture. The majority of the work we undertake around the world with design engineers and manufacturers is highly sensitive, and new product development that can be two to three years away from the product launch window. We have acquired a reputation for respecting this that we are very proud of.

“We feel winning this award further acknowledges that we are indeed advanced forward thinkers and experts in our field.”

The criteria for meeting this award was extremely wide and involved being seen as an outstanding consultancy, which demonstrated innovation, a commitment to excellence whilst also creating innovation in the production process, which has a measurable effect on the market in which they operate.

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