RJG Technologies Receives Consignment from Yizumi Machines

Process support and training provider, RJG Technologies, have taken delivery of a Yizumi UN60A5 295/600 injection moulding machine on consignment in the UK.

Andy Nicholls, RJG UK Training Manager, commented:

“We are excited to be given the opportunity of using the Yizumi IMM in our training facility. It’s a new brand of machine for all of us. We have been running pre-training trials and are impressed with the user-friendly interface and excellent repeatability of the process and subsequent part quality. We are particularly looking forward to exploring the remote access options that this machine gives us.

“Over the next few months we will start to use the machine extensively during the practical sections of our training programmes. It will be very interesting to see how it performs against the more traditional European machines we currently have in our moulding lab. We have already added the eDart to the IMM to support our training methodology.”

The machine will be used in RJG’s Fundamentals of Systematic Moulding, Module One – Melt Preparation and Plasticisation, Module Two Process Control and Master Molder® I courses. Students will be able to interact with the machine in a variety of ways in order to put into practice what they learn in the classroom. This hands-on learning increases retention and provides students with tangible knowledge they can bring back to the plant floor.

Richard Perry, Sales Director at STV Machinery upon delivery said:

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with RJG by supplying a machine to support their high quality training courses. Having the ability to place a Yizumi machine in front of a range of industry personnel at RJG’s premises is of great benefit, but we’re also really excited to be able to offer Yizumi customers the opportunity to experience one of RJG’s top training courses as part of the arrangement. It’s one thing to have the right tools to do the job, it’s another entirely to properly understand how to use that tool to maximum efficiency.”

“Although new to the UK, Yizumi are a well-established worldwide company, represented in over 30 countries. They manufacture 7000 injection moulding machines per annum from three production sites. Their machine capacities range from 60 to 3200 tonne clamp.

“At STV Machinery we are very excited to be representing them here. We know a lot about injection moulding machines from the bottom up and we believe that the Yizumi range can really offer UK processors good quality, reliability and value for money. We have developed a new website to enable processors to learn about the Yizumi products and we will be supporting all installations with our already proven team of exceptional engineers.”

The machine has been developed specifically for the European market with a high standard specification and European components, supported by STV UK team of engineers with stocked spare parts. Standard specification includes double core pull, robot interface, energy saving servo drive system, familiar European control system and major components from top manufacturers.

See RJG’s full list of classes: https://www.rjginc.co.uk/training/registration.

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