SP Automation & Robotics Awarded Partner Status for MiR Mobile Industrial Robots

SP Automation & Robotics is delighted to announce that it has been awarded partner status for Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). The partnership will enable SP to offer in addition to its bespoke automation solutions, automated logistic management of product transportation within production facilities using autonomous mobile robots.

SP Automation & Robotics cobot division, SP Elements, will also be supporting the MiR’s for customers who wish to automate their internal product logistics.

What are Autonomous Mobile Robots?

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR’s) automate the repetitive transportation of materials within a working environment and work safely alongside employees to boost productivity. MiR’s collaborative mobile robots are simple to integrate and easy to program, with no need for expensive and disruptive reconfiguration of your infrastructure. Using AMR’s will have an immediate impact on your ability to process orders faster and reduce material handling costs to get a fast ROI on your mobile robots, often in less than 12 months. User-friendly MiR robots enable users to adapt to changing market demands, new products, and new production flows. Top modules can be easily changed over to integrate conveyors or product work holding tooling, change missions, and add new functionality without the need for external integration services.

Advantages of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Complete autonomy

Being autonomous allows the AMR’s to be an intelligent workhorse that can navigate around ever-changing environments such as warehouses or factories where obstacles may change on a daily basis. They are programmed to get from one area to another by giving it a start point and an endpoint. The route it takes may change every time it starts its mission, and its path will be determined by what it “sees” on the route. It will alter its path when an obstacle gets in its way.

AMR programming is also very simple, utilising user-friendly programming. In other words, you don’t need to have robot programming knowledge to use these. The ability to download warehouse or production area maps also makes the programming faster.

Completely flexible

They are flexible in terms of what they can carry and how they carry their load; they can be adapted to carry almost anything providing complete flexibility and adaptability. They differ from traditional automated guided vehicles because they don’t need to follow wired or magnetic tape or any set points. This allows new tasks to be added with minimal changes and therefore reduces costs. In many cases, AMR’s can also replace standard conveyor systems, which in turn can free up valuable floor space.

Quick Installation

A typical installation of an AMR can vary, but it can be a couple of days. It all depends on the size and complexity of the area. The time allows for mapping out areas and “walking” the AMR through the environment. The MiR software is extremely simple to use and doesn’t need to integrate with any warehouse execution systems (WES) but can easily be integrated if required. Installation of MiR’s may require several robots and this is integrated easily using the MiR fleet software, which again brings another whole new level of flexibility.

How safe are Autonomous Mobile Robots?

The main advantage of mobile industrial robots over automated guided vehicles is that they don’t require to follow fixed paths. They have additional intelligence built-in to allow them to navigate around obstacles if required without compromising safety. The installation and programming setup is user-friendly and requires little or no programming experience. All you really need to understand is the logistical process map that you require. AMR’s have a unique ability to navigate in uncontrolled environments using in-built 2D or 3D vision systems and sensors.

MiR’s AMR’s are designed to collaborate with people and to drive alongside their human co-workers without any external safety measures and safety is of the highest priority. For daily operation, the safe driving pattern of the MiR robots are ensured by a multi-sensor safety system that feeds data into a sophisticated planning algorithm, which lets the robot know where it drives and that decides if the robot should adjust its path or make a safe and immediate stop to avoid collisions.

The MiR Range

The load-carrying capacity of the MiR’s range from 100kg to 1000kg so they can be used for transporting small to large loads. Under the MiR GO offering, certified “standard” additions can be included with your MiR to allow for pallet management, pull attachment and even the mounting of collaborative robots.

What industries are AMRs used in?

They can be used in almost any industry where the controlled movement of materials is required. They are used in the medical device, life sciences, electronics, automotive, fast-moving consumable goods and logistics industry. The transportation of component parts through to completed assembled units has now been made so much simpler. The MiR range can carry loads up to 1000kg, making it possible for them to be used in an almost endless number of applications. In addition to moving parts from one area to another, standard systems have also been developed to carry out tasks such as automated disinfecting of environments. In today’s world and with the Covid-19 pandemic, technological advancements such as this will see AMR’s being a common sight in our everyday lives.

Roy Henderson, Director of SP Automation & Robotics, said:

We are delighted to now be able to offer the fantastic range of MiR solutions. They complement both our bespoke automation solutions and the services provided by our cobot division SP Elements. UK industry is having to adapt to new ways of working, and this is just one of many solutions that will help make this happen.”

Visit sp-automation.co.uk to find out more about MiR Autonomous Robots. Alternatively, use the contact details below to get in touch with the SP Automation & Robotics team.

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