Tailored Latch Locks: Finding the Right Solution for Your Mould

Customised production, numerous possible combinations, custom dimensions in all variants — with a large repertoire of latch locks, Strack Norma offers its customers advantages in terms of economic efficiency and production reliability.

Latch locks control the movement sequence of the individual parting planes at the opening of an injection mould, which is adapted to the demoulding of the article. In general, in the applications a distinction can be made between 1) latch locks that are actuated by the tool stroke and 2) latch locks that are controlled by the ejector stroke.

For latch locks that are actuated by the tool opening, a distinction is made between latch locks with and without retardation, depending on whether at first the additional parting plane or the main parting plane is opened.

If the additional parting plane should reliably be opened before the main parting plane, a latch lock without retardation is used.

If an additional parting plane after the previous partial opening of the main parting plane should be driven, usually latch locks with retardation are used for such a task before the main parting plane completely opens. A classic application case is a three-plate tool. Due to the tool movement, the moulded parts are separated from the distributor at the pin gate. The distributor in the additional parting plane demoulds and ejects the moulded parts in the main parting plane.

As one of the leading standard component providers in Europe, Strack Norma offers a high variety of variants from up to 90 latch locks like round, flat, hook, push lock, early return and double stroke latch locks and therefore allows many combination possibilities.

Ludger Müller, technical manager of Strack Norma, explained:

Our latch locks of the series Z3, Z4, Z6 and Z7 are provided in the functionally decisive areas with a DLC-coating.

This contributes to increase the profitability significantly, i.e. a longer service life due to wear reduction and the associated reduction of the maintenance costs.

Due to the low moving masses, the latch locks offer high opening and closing speeds. As a result, also the use of fast-running tools is guaranteed.

The simple mechanical design, proven construction and the production-safe operation due to forced control characterise the latch lock compared with other constructions, for example by hydraulic cylinders which are operated by the machine control.”

As individual as the tools of today are also the solutions to realise movement sequences. This very often leads to a variety of special solutions, which the technicians of Strack are individually elaborating for the customer. It is not unusual that different functions as the retardation of a Z4 and a further push-lock Z6 unite in a movement sequence.

Thus, the wide variety of variants and the customer-specific design individually manufactured from the beginning round off the portfolio of latch locks and make the standard part specialist the technology leader in the market.

Latch bar of a Z4 special latch lock according to customer request

 The all-rounder: Strack’s latch lock series Z3

With its customer-specific productions, manifold combination options and special dimensions for all variants, Strack has been the first point of contact in the area of latch locks and offers advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and production reliability.

The round latch lock Z3 is intended for the internal installation of tools. Here it works very reliably when it realises a second parting plane when opening the injection mould. The controlled movement of two ejector packages is also possible. The round latch lock is installed space-savingly inside the tool and is available in different installation sizes and travel paths. The improved standard version with DLC-coated sliding elements increases the service life of the latch locks considerably.

The shaper for the future: Strack’s latch lock series Z4

As the latest development in the field of demoulding elements, Strack realised the latch lock Z4-21 in cooperation with its customer Joyson Safety Systems, with which various plate openings can be achieved on one travel path. Based on its double stroke latch lock, a variant was designed that gives the user more freedom of movement. Despite the compact design of the latch lock Z4-21, a flexible large stroke with variable stop is possible. With the expansion of the Z4 latch lock series, Strack realises different customer requirements for every need.

Z4 latch locks in combination

The reliable: Strack’s latch lock series Z5

The Strack hook latch lock Z5 has been a robust and reliable companion for 45 years. Herewith a mechanical plate movement can be defined. Its simple and robust design has always been and still is a guarantee for easy handling paired with reliability and economy.

Now available in different designs, it is impossible to imagine mould making without the hook latch lock. The simple mechanical construction, the proven design and the production-safe operation due to forced control distinguish the latch lock Z5 from other designs. Robust designs such as the latch lock Z5-4 also offer a reliable solution for use in large moulds.

Latch lock series Z3-Z4-Z5 (from left to right)

For more information, visit www.strack.de.

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