Successful Launch of the KraussMaffei HEY!TALKS

In its HEY!TALK online panel discussions, KraussMaffei provides its customers with concise information on innovation in plastics processing. The range of topics included everything from digitalisation in service and production to innovations in injection moulding, extrusion and reaction process machinery technology.

The new format, KraussMaffei HEY!TALKS was recently launched with six interactive panel discussions over three days, from 20th to 22nd October 2020.

“The HEY!TALKS are a response to our customers’ desire—and need—for concise information. The new format is successful thanks to its minimal time requirements, its interactive setup and because it’s implemented in a way that is entertaining with a modern, contemporary feel,” says KraussMaffei’s Head of Corporate Marketing, Mathias Künstner.

With the new online format HEY!TALK, KraussMaffei will use modern webinar technology to provide information on solutions and novelties in direct contact with the customers. The topic selection for the initial HEY!TALKS in October was geared toward plastics experts from various segments. There were topics tailored to the logistics and packaging industry, consumer goods experts, automotive specialists and the recycling industry alike.

Relevant questions

Injection moulders from the logistics and packaging industries, as well as silicone specialists, compounders, recyclers and polyurethane processors all learned fascinating and in-depth information about innovative solutions from KraussMaffei. The event also focused on the digital services and the opportunities that digital transformation opens up for the plastics industry. Apart from technical concepts, this also involves the economic opportunities arising under changing business conditions.

Digital solutions

“Digital transformation: Cultural change or cultural conflict,” was the topic of the first HEY!TALK panel. Nadine Despineux, Managing Director of KraussMaffei, says: “A machine producer should not only make machines!” Machine providers must, in the future, manage their companies following two different kinds of business logic at the same time.”

Another HEY!TALK highlighted how digital service solutions could create unique customer experiences. Digital services have an effect either on internal process and cost optimisation or as a driver of turnover and profits. Closely connected to conventional services, they can create significant added value.

Sustainability in logistics and packaging

In the packaging sector, conserving resources is the top priority: One HEY!TALK was a discussion of sustainable solutions for energy use and material consumption. In another discussion, experts shed light on the latest solutions for compounding and recycling. For compounding and plastics recycling are changing: They are becoming more flexible, efficient and environment-friendly. The current extrusion solutions and services from KraussMaffei play a crucial part in this.

Expert discussions for silicone and PUR specialists

The processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) requires an injection moulding process that is sophisticated in every detail. The experts from KraussMaffei discussed what is necessary in everyday business for zero-fault production with LSR, to ensure that every part ends up being a good part.

There is also news concerning polyurethane processing. The RimStar Smart metering machine is now available in a super-compact design and equipped with state-of-the-art operating technology. But the PUR professionals at KraussMaffei have much more to offer.

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