Summit Systems Introduces Employee Product Training Scheme

Plastics ancillary equipment experts, Summit Systems, have developed a product training programme for their employees in ‘the hub’, who provide support to the sales team.

The employees in the hub are office-based, so Summit Systems wants to give them the ‘on-site experience’. The aim of the initiative is to improve the team’s product and equipment knowledge, enabling them to better help customers with enquiries or issues with their equipment.

The scheme is led by Gareth Callow, an engineer from Summit’s technical team. It will last over six months, and each week covers a different type of equipment, starting with material dryers. The training is hands-on, so the team can get first-hand experience with the equipment and see how it works.

Following the first training session, Gemma Brookstein, Hub Supervisor, said:

“The first session was a success, the training is packed full of useful and interesting information about Summit’s product range and the team are really enjoying learning about the equipment. It will definitely come in handy when we are speaking to customers and understanding their needs.”

Internal Account Executive, Andrea Ford, also commented:

“The first session was very enjoyable, I’m looking forward to broadening my product knowledge to the benefit of both Summit Systems and our customers.”


Summit Systems
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