Summit Systems Launches New Concept for Extrusion Market

With two years of preparation under its belt, leading ancillary supplier Summit Systems is proud to introduce an exclusive new concept to the plastic extrusion market; the ‘line upgrade programme.’

Under the slogan ‘#PimpYourLine’, the new line upgrade programme has been jointly brought to market by ancillary giants Summit Systems, Maguire, and Syncro. The programme revitalises existing extrusion lines and brings them up to date with the year 2020 technology. This allows customers to avoid the large cost of purchasing a new line, with Summit’s line upgrade programme costing just 45% of the price of a new European line. With it carries a 3-year warranty and, in most cases, a performance guarantee.

The upgrade can be carried out across four stages:

Stage 1: With the new Maguire+Syncro blender with line control, you can have 30% reduction on your weight per metre. The new control gives large savings with waste reduction and set-up time is reduced by approximately 50%.

Stage 2: The latest air ring and IBC designed to suit production, resulting in increased throughput of typically 25-30%.

Stage 3: High technology cage and profile control closing the loop.

Stage 4: The icing on the cake: to link all elements of the line through SYNTROL PLUS, giving ultimate control.

Summit Systems provides full local installation and service back-up, alongside coverage by an extensive warranty.


Summit Systems
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