Telsonic Launch Telso®Flex Control Software For Ultrasonic Welding Systems & Automation Lines

TELSONIC’s philosophy of ongoing product development is at the heart of the company’s reputation as a world leading manufacturer and supplier of ultrasonic technology. The latest innovation from the Swiss based ultrasonic experts is their new Telso®Flex control software, which can be used across the full range of ultrasonic welding systems available from Telsonic and within, bespoke automation lines.

This new control software is based upon a modular and customisable architecture making it ideally suited for use in TELSONIC plastic welding, metal welding and cut’n’seal systems across a diverse a range of manufacturing sectors. Telso®Flex is designed be used within a wide range of production concepts, from basic systems to high performance welding presses, either stand alone or within fully automated manufacturing lines. The system provides process control for welding, forming (riveting, swaging, spot welding), embedding, cut’n’seal processes, laminating, embossing and torsional welding.

The many features of the system include different welding modes such as time, energy, power and path together with the capability to configure multi-stage amplitude and power profiles. Quality windows can be set for a range of welding parameters and the system also incorporates a comprehensive statistical evaluation package. Telso®Flex can also control peripheral equipment such as light guards or other safety devices through its configurable interface.

An intuitive graphical operator interface makes it simple to use and allows a range of efficiency enhancing functions to be easily adjusted by the user. A powerful and high-resolution 12″ touchscreen is a key element of the package.  Features include user administration and configurable access for different levels of responsibility, and context-sensitive help screens to aid setting and diagnostics. Further benefits include an individual brightness adjustment function and the advantage of being usable whilst wearing gloves.

The system is industry 4.0 Smart Factory ready, enabling the export of production and process data from the Telsonic system to a remote PC or factory ERP system. Users simply configure the network drive and export format from within Telso®Flex, and data from the welding systems and automation lines can then be transferred for statistical evaluation and backup as required.

More information on TELSONIC’s Telso®Flex Control Software can be found here.

Telsonic UK offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic modules and systems for a variety of plastic and metal welding, cutting, sealing, cut’n’seal, food cutting, sieving and cleaning applications within a wide range of industries.

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