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Pentagon produces plastic products for a diverse customer base, and the varied array of production components manufactured at the facility here in the UK brings many benefits to both the business and customers.

Having the technical skills and ability to manufacture a varied range of plastic injection moulded products delivers huge business benefits, the main one being that the company is not solely reliant on serving just one specific industry sector.

A broad spectrum of customers ensures that ‘all the eggs are not in one basket’ in terms of market share, and as a UK moulder specialising in the production of technical injection mouldings, it allows Pentagon to deliver unique services to a broad range of industries.

Manufacturing bespoke plastic injection moulded components for industry sectors such as Medical, Healthcare, Aviation, Aerospace, Marine, Defence, Security, Construction, Electrical, Sensors and Controls means that the Pentagon team have an incredible breadth of knowledge and expertise in relation to both product design support and mould tool preparation.

Expertise gained from manufacturing one type of product can be applied to other products in different sectors.  Customers to Pentagon benefit from the team’s expansive product and service knowledge starting at the advice received at the initial design for manufacture reviews on a new project, whereby the engineering team apply their extensive product knowledge and experience to make favourable and informed recommendations to enhance both, ease of manufacture and product optimisation.

Full design evaluation is also given to the mould tooling solution that will best fit with production demand and process optimisation, heavily focused on mitigating waste plastics in production. Tool design plays a vital part in the manufacturing process.  Every consideration is given to the optimal configuration of the mould tooling solution offered to ensure maximum return on investment for the customer, consistent repeatability, and longevity of the mould.  They draw on genuine experience of success (and failures) in the manufacture and subsequent processing of bespoke tooling solutions.

The technical team benefit from a functional and tangible understanding of products from a wide range of industry sectors, considering material behaviours and the challenges of different environmental exposures. Meaning they are well placed to deliver expert advice to customers on product design for ease of manufacture, ensuring the product is also fit for purpose.  Unique to their services, being involved in the product life cycle from the initial design phase through the mould tool manufacture process to repeat production, Pentagon are able to see and experience every link in the manufacturing chain.

Due to the differing nature of processed plastic products, no two days are ever the same for the injection moulding team. Technicians gain vast experience and have a functional understanding of an extensive range of thermoplastic materials and their varying behaviours through processing. This depth of knowledge in material processing means that trialling new products is efficient with swift and decisive decision-making where moulding challenges exist, which helps keep the waste products to an absolute minimum. Customers can be confident that their products are being manufactured with efficient run times and that lead times will consistently be met for their production requirements.

Having a high level of diversity in the nature of the products they manufacture, provides the production and tool manufacturing teams with interesting and exciting challenges in their working days, with opportunities to learn with each new customer project taken on. This gives richness to the working environment, supports the continued development of technical skills, and ensures staff don’t become pigeonholed in their area of expertise.  Pentagon provides a challenging technical setting, negating repetitiveness, which can easily occur in a manufacturing environment.

In the dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the diversity of their customer base was the very thing that supported Pentagon in riding the storm. While production demand for some industries immediately fell off a cliff, others thrived. For example, demand for the production of vital medical and healthcare components increased by 700% based on the previous year’s demand.

The company has always been keen to ensure that its technical plastic injection moulding services span many industries for this very reason. Reliance on one business sector would undoubtedly limit not only their technical manufacturing expertise level, but being flexible in manufacturing capabilities allows them to consider new projects regardless of the industry sector and delivers opportunities for growth and reinvestment.

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