The New Primus 16 Robot – Simpler and Better

Wittmann Battenfeld UK reports high interest in the company’s upcoming new range of cost-efficient robots, the Primus 16, primarily intended for use on machines with clamping forces of 20 to 200 tonnes locking force.

The new Primus 16 robot has been developed from Wittmann’s best selling W818 robot: It has CNC control; servo motor and optimised drives for all three axes; low noise smooth operations and minimal part removal times.

Managing Director Barry Hill says that ‘the Primus 16 robots can be deployed right across injection moudling sector and fitted to any injection moulding machine.’

Since the Wittmann Group acquired Battenfeld in April 2008 there has perhaps –  in some quarters – been a misconception that Wittmann automation is only designed for Battenfeld moulding machines.

‘Nothing could be further from the truth,’ says Hill. ‘As ever, Wittmann makes robots and automation  to suit every moulding machine and cell and all aspects of plastics injection moulding. The key to our automation innovation is less about increasing complexity than reducing it. We know that most moulders prefer simplified layouts, controls and operations and we believe that the Wittmann robot fits the bill.’

The Wittmann innovation standard applies through all classes of its automation. The new Eco Vac function, for example, fitted to the company’s professional robot series, saves energy and money for the experienced user. Via the R8.3 robot contro, Eco Vac allows for a shutdown of the vacuum producer, thus minimizing the robot’s demand for compressed air and provides very significant weekly savings for the customer. ‘Simplicity again is the key,’ says Hill and the user is the beneficiary.

Contact Wittmann Battenfeld UK for full details of the Primus 16 and all other robots.

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