The UK’s First 3D Printed Vehicle is Coming Soon…

This is Project Chameleon, where Scaled Ltd show how large scale 3D printing can be used to produce a vehicle that is a perfect match for its environment: true mass-customisation. In a matter of months, Scaled and its partners will be designing and building the UK’s first full-size 3D printed electric vehicle.

Over 100 years ago, Henry Ford gave the world access to cheap automobiles using mass-production. Today, low cost remains a huge driver in automobile production, but two new factors are influencing sales: sustainability and customisation.

Why use 1.5 tonnes of folded steel to carry an individual to the local shops? To transport a security guard around a site? Moving this mass around is an inelegant use of the automobile, not to mention inefficient, a waste of natural resources and energy. Better to use a vehicle that is energy-efficient by designing it to be focused on the task at hand.

Using 3D printing, a tool-less technology, means that mass-customisation is possible without long leads times and tooling expense. Rather than superficial customisation – a change of colour, a different seat fabric – you can have an entirely new vehicle without needing to pay millions in development.

Spine vehicle
‘Spine vehicle’ – printed components being used to assess the fit of the front and rear suspension design.

In the last six weeks, work on Project Chameleon has moved fast. The design of many of the vehicle subsystems is now complete, generative design for the chassis is at an advanced stage, and we are testing the use of 100% recycled plastic for some of the vehicle components.

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Scaled Ltd was established in 2015 to provide its customers with access to truly large-scale 3D printing. Its team, based in Swindon, has been working in 3D printing, and engineering in general, for over 15 years. With additional experience in research and development, automotive, composites, data analytics and process Scaled are ideally positioned to transform large scale engineering.

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