Vanden Recycling’s Take on Plastic Free July – Join Millions of People Reducing their Plastic Waste

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. 

When asked about the movement, Vanden Recycling UK MD, David Wilson said, “I was asked recently what I thought about the Plastics Free July initiative, and after a “what’s that, never heard of it” moment my hackles rose as I saw another plastic bashing movement on the horizon. It just shows how polarised the debate about plastics has become, and I have to confess, I’m slightly embarrassed by leaping to a conclusion before giving it any considered thought. So I suggest you have a look at

It’s a simple audit of where you are now and where you intend to go in your own personal consumption of plastic packaging. A reminder of the basic principles of being a good consumer of this incredible set of materials that are simultaneously almost impossible to live without but are so damaging if misused and mis-disposed of.

It reminded me a little of the old waste hierarchy that was promoted by public bodies when I was first in this business “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Like the 3 R mantra back then Plastic Free July made me think about what I do daily and what steps I’ll be taking next. Have a look.” 

About the challenge

Plastic Free July provides resources and ideas to help users (and millions of others around the world) reduce single-use plastic waste everyday at home, work, school, and even at your local café.

The movement has inspired 100+ million participants in 190 countries. You making a small change will collectively make a massive difference to communities. You can choose to refuse single-use plastics in July (and beyond!). Best of all, being part of Plastic Free July will help you to find great alternatives that can become new habits forever.

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