New Vynacol Products Introduced as a Response to TiO2 Legislation

The impending EU classification of TiO2 (Titanium dioxide) as a category two carcinogen due to its inhalation hazard has increased European interest in the Colour Tone Masterbatch range of Vynacol, polymer specific, monopigment concentrates for use in PVCu.

While the use of concentrates is common practice in manufacturing coloured products by processors of precompounded and powder blend PVCu, most white manufacturers use unprocessed TiO2 pigment, particularly the processors of PVC powder blends. Meeting the new Health and Safety criteria, because of this new EU classification, can be aided by using predispersed TiO2, where the particle size is greater than 10um.

This makes Vynacol a particularly attractive option for applications where higher levels of TiO2 are required and the superior compatibility and processing benefits of Vynacol in PVCu does not create the issues that can be associated with higher loadings of other carrier systems.

Vynacol White 90401 in either regular pellet or prill, dust-free format is a dispersion of a durable grade of TiO2 widely used in the PVCu profile industry. Other grades of Vynacol have been formulated based on specific grades and loadings of TiO2 to meet processors specific requirements. Additional tints and additives can also be incorporated into the formulation if necessary.

These white dispersions have stimulated interest from both PVC processors and suppliers of TiO2 to help meet the impending regulations.

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