Wittmann Battenfeld UK Works for Linear – A Year-End Double Celebration

Linear Plastics, leading toolmaker and contract injection moulder, conclude the end of 2019 with an order for two new production cells, supplied once more by Wittmann Battenfeld UK.

Linear Plastic’s contract injection moulding business has gone from strength to strength through 2019. Thanks to continuing market demand Linear has now expanded its South Wales workforce by over ten per cent in the past two months.

The new injection moulding cells will now help the Linear business handle the recent increase in the company order book. Both new work cells are identical in formation. Both are built around the Wittmann Battenfeld 120 tonne SmartPower injection moulding machine. Wittmann Primus robots service both machines, together with Wittmann mould temperature controllers and recycling technology.

Daniel Williams, Wittmann Battenfeld UK Director, said: ‘Our SmartPower machine range is enjoying iconic status currently and growing from strength to strength with plastics processors. We are delighted to see Linear reaping the rewards of its hard work – and further investing in the SmartPower capability.

Williams adds: ‘We were able to offer Linear our SmartSeller price package for both these machines: Not only do we deliver at a good price point, but, unlike the competition, all our machines may have options retrofitted at any later point in time if the customer so wishes.

Linear Plastics General Manager, Andrew Harrison, commented: ‘At Linear, we continue to go forward in partnership with Wittmann Battenfeld UK. Our latest purchases not only give us the benefit of the one-stop-shop approach, but we also gain the synergies between all pieces of equipment.

The exceptionally wide mould tool area allows us to make the very most of our two new machines, enabling them to punch far above the120 tonne weight. The Wittmann robotics offering is right in line with our expectations; the R8 and B8 controls are intuitive and easy to use, and the standard Servo Motor is very welcome. A small footprint and a very energy-efficient operation also add to the benefits.

The two new SmartPower machines will now join Linear’s expanding fleet of injection moulding machines, including Wittmann Battenfeld MacroPower 1000 tonne injection moulding machine (IMM) and also a SmartPower 350 tonne. Linear’s order book this year has celebrated successes in the electronics, automotive, construction and office furniture sectors where the company is now commanding a ‘go-to’ reputation for quality manufacture of large parts.

This expansion has been achieved by the 110 strong workforce under the leadership of Gareth Bassett, owner and MD, and Andrew Harrison, General Manager.

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