Wilde Analysis Appointed Moldex3D Channel Partner

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) has appointed Wilde Analysis Ltd as a value-added channel partner in the UK and Ireland.

Adding Moldex3D products to Wilde’s portfolio further strengthens Wilde’s position in offering tailored analysis solutions to those involved in the plastic injection moulding sector.

Moldex3D CAE analysis technology provides tools to simulate the widest application range of injection moulding processes to optimise product design and manufacturability. Companies worldwide use Moldex3D to help reduce the need for costly physical prototypes, avoid potential manufacturing defects and get innovative products to market faster.

Darren Wadsworth, Business Development Manager at Wilde Analysis comments:

‘We started a technical capability review of Moldex3D in 2017. This included benchmarking simulation accuracy against other analysis codes, and how designs perform once they are tooled and go into production. The results proved to us that Moldex3D, with its unmatched partnerships with polymer, hot runner and mould machine suppliers, offers a more robust and representative prediction, especially for imbalanced flow in runners and multi cavity tools. The unique coupled viscoelastic material models with patented fibre orientation algorithms add extra accuracy to warpage and post- mould annealing studies, along with surface defect prediction such as tiger striping.’

‘We have some exciting case studies being prepared from this validation exercise and will be publishing these in the coming weeks.’

Dr Brian Miller, Sales & Marketing Director at Wilde Analysis adds

‘We are delighted to form a new partnership with the developers of Moldex3D and look forward to combining our experience in providing high quality injection moulding solutions”

To learn more about the Moldex3D range of software and services by Wilde Analysis, please visit:
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