Wittmann Battenfeld Robotics Works for Alltrista Plastics

Dorset-based Alltrista Plastics (formerly Jarden Plastics), part of the JADEX Group is increasingly sourcing robotic solutions and ancillary equipment from Wittmann Battenfeld UK.

Alltrista’s 60,000 sq ft of factory space is home to a growing order book in the medical, healthcare and consumer moulding industries.

The company has recently completed the integration of a new product line within its latest Class 8 cleanroom facility in order to provide a manufacturing cell for a filter housing on a COVID-19 ventilator system that is being manufactured by one of Alltrista’s blue-chip customers.

The company’s successful deployment of cleanroom manufacturing is leading the way, and the need for quality assurance and quality control has led the company to purchase several Wittmann mould temperature controllers (TCUs).

Following on from that, Alltrista has also lately invested in Wittmann automation. Automation at Alltrista is primarily used to reduce non-productive time and production waste. The Wittmann automation packages have been serving that purpose and were chosen for their robust, well-engineered reliability together with good value-for-money.

Wittmann robotic technology is itself advancing: Upcoming Wittmann robotic controls currently in development will soon be able to control all the other elements in a typical injection moulding production cell, including materials handling; TCUs, beside the press granulation and also downstream equipment such as conveyors and bowl feeds.

Furthermore, all of this equipment will be able to be coordinated and controlled by the Wittmann robot regardless of the brand of the injection moulding machine in the cell.

Adrian Walters, Wittmann Battenfeld UK sales engineer, said: “Clearly we see all our customers benefitting from Wittmann Battenfeld UK injection moulding machines. In addition, however, many of our customers will want to experience the features and benefits of an Industry 4.0 based production system – and straightaway.

“Plugging into a Wittmann robot will allow the user to control all of the production elements outside the press. In this way, robotics can be the gateway to Industry 4.0 based production.”

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