20 Year Milestone Approaches for Synergy Plastics Ltd

In December 1997, Synergy Plastics Ltd began its journey by setting up its production facility in Crumlin, South Wales.  In 10,000ft2, with just two second hand moulding machines; a 60 tonne and 360 tonne (as shown below) with a press flow robot bought from an auction, and 5 employees, Synergy Plastics was open for business.  

Old Negri Bossi machine at Synergy Plastics in 1997
One of the first Negri Bossi machines at Synergy Plastics in 1997

The teletronic sector was booming during this start up period and was the main output for the company at this point. The success achieved and increased customer base not only in the teletronic sector but in technical, medical, and housewares sectors, meant that growth was inevitable, providing a much different picture of the company today. With the production facility now at 35,000ft2, and over £2.5 million investment, Synergy now operate a modern fleet of 15 moulding machines  and employment now at a head count of 40. The original goal was to have the largest moulding machine at 360 tonne, but today the company operates a 1300 tonne machine with a 7kg shot weight, so over 4 times larger than the initial plan!

Synergy Plastics really has gone from strength to strength whilst maintaining the ethos and goals it began with.  Providing a quality and reliable service to its customers and maintaining a personal relationship at a very competitive price.  With a speciality in the production of large mouldings, but able to support a full suite of tool sizes, the company operates a 24/7 modern moulding facility. Offering a complete package from tooling design to JIT delivery, ‘lean manufacturing’ techniques support the currently demanding economic climate.  Synergy Plastics has conformed to BSI ISO 9001 since its foundation in 1997 and prides itself on achieving top supplier status with customers.  The company is currently in transition to the latest standard – BSI9001:2015.

Synergy Plastics was set up as a family owned and run business and continues to be so. The business has exceeded all expectations with its growth and development over these past 20 years, and reaching this incredible milestone means so much to the family members involved. With two generations of the family now working at the company and inheriting the same ethos and goals, Synergy Plastics are sure to reach many more milestones. With the company already being very prominent in the housewares, building and medical sectors, Synergy are now looking towards the future, the management team wish to increase and grow their market share in the trade moulding sector.

1300T injection moulding machine
Synergy’s large moulding shop fronted by the 1300T press

Everyone at Synergy would like to thank their loyal customers, suppliers and workforce for their continued support, and hopes they will be a part of the Synergy story for many more years to come.

For all enquiries please contact Mark Batt on 01495 248888 or sales@synergy-plastics.com

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