Dedicated Accessories for AMUT’s ACF Thermoforming Machines

Positive sales reports show that the ACF series is the right solution demanded by the market nowadays because it satisfies the various requirements of thermoformers from all over the world.

This consolidates ACF as the top-of-the-range model among AMUT-COMI thermoforming machines. AMUT-COMI continues to invest to upgrade ACF series efficiency and versatility.

New accessories have been specifically conceived to suit the ACF model, mainly to cover the end-line automation steps: stacking systems, handling and packaging solutions. These accessories are all designed and manufactured in-house. Their performances and skills are well enhanced by EASY, the smart HMI. The EASY software has been developed in-house by AMUT-COMI engineers to ensure that all parts of the machine harmoniously interact.  The chosen strategy is pursuing a fully tailored approach to offer machines mainly aimed at final items features: from thermoforming processes up to packaging systems.

AMUT-COMI stacking systems:

Up Stacker model: max speed of 60 cycles/min (speed depending on material, type of mould and stacking sequence).

Down Stacker – IVB model: for a very quick change of stacking tools and with a max speed of 45 cycles/min.

Pick and place robots – ERX model: max speed around 38 cycles/min and available in two versions, one with two axis and one with three axis. ERX robots perform A-B or A-B-C stacking with or without items rotation. Visual control system of the product quality can be also provided.

Amut Easy Lift

EASY LIFT- Automation system for handling thermoformed products.  The conveyor belt receives the items from the thermoforming machine at an adjustable height and down to a level of 800 mm. This facilitates the working conditions of the operator and the integration of automatic packaging systems.  EASY LIFT is available in two models: one with 90°discharge conveyor and one with longitudinal discharge conveyor.

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