How Does AGS’s Closed Loop Toll Granulation Work?

Aylesbury Granulation Services (AGS) work with a number of plastic manufacturing firms, both injection moulding and extrusion, with their closed loop toll granulation service.

They take in your waste – this could be run up waste, sprues, end-of-life stock and even lump – granulate it down to a 10mm regrind, and your waste comes back to you. You know exactly what it is and where it has come from. AGS are fastidious about cleanliness, so you can rest assured that all of their plant will have had a thorough clean before they process your work.

You are charged a “per tonne” rate and AGS will detail precisely how much material has been processed. Material is ready for collection in new one tonne bags with a discharge spout at the bottom, however the regrind can as easily be dispensed from the top spout, if that is more convenient.

This service is often used by waste brokers, but AGS are happy to work with anyone who has waste plastic and wishes to retain ownership of it.

Buying waste

AGS also buy good quality, contaminate free, segregated rigid plastic waste. They tend to deal with HDPE, PP, ABS and polycarbonate, but they are always happy to look at other materials and try to find a recycling route for them.

For more details please head over to their new website or email

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