Bausano Announce Extrusion Open Day

Join Bausano at its headquarters in Turin, Italy for the latest open day event on Tuesday 17th March 2020, featuring a demonstration of Bausano’s MD 170 Next Mover twin-screw extruder.

Bausano has been manufacturing extrusion lines for plastics processing since 1946 and is known worldwide, renowned in many industries from pipes to profiles, from the medical field to granulation and WPC. Bausano’s wealth of experience includes a patented multi-drive system for twin-screw extruders, a revolutionary development which allows for an increase in power available on the screws and a reduction in energy consumption at the same performance.

The open day is a great opportunity to see how Bausano manufactures every component of the extrusion line, including the screw, barrel, multi-drive system and downstream equipment. The day is suitable for a range of customers, so whether you have an upcoming project you’d like to discuss or are simply curious about Bausano as a supplier, please get in touch.

The day will include:

  • Welcome drinks and breakfast
  • An introduction to the Bausano company, including its history and journey to the present day, from Mr Clemente Bausano
  • Guided visit of the Bausano workshop and factory
  • Aperitif and lunch
  • Live demonstration of Bausano’s twin-screw extruder MD 170 Next Mover – High PVC Granule production. The extruder has a capacity output of 2800-3200 kg/h and features Bausano’s patented multi-drive system, high-efficiency IE4 motors, Digital Extruder Control and Bausano’s Smart Energy Induction Heating System
  • Italian sunshine (not guaranteed)

Bausano looks forward to welcoming you.

Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so get in touch today to secure your place. For more details, including flight schedules, hotels and free transfers, contact Paul

Intelicare work in partnership with Bausano as their UK & Ireland agent.

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