BPF to Examine How the ‘New Industrial Revolution’ Will Impact the Plastics Industry

Industry 4.0, often referred to as the new industrial revolution, will have a major impact on manufacturing. To examine how this will affect the plastics industry in particular, the BPF is hosting an event that will explore a number of the ideas behind this concept.

Industry 4.0 will result in what has come to be known as a ‘smart factory’, where new technology such as the internet of things and data exchange in manufacturing will create efficient, interactive and flexible factories.

Thorsten Kuehmann, from German mechanical engineering industry association VDMA, will explain how Germany — the world leader in Industry 4.0 — is making a success of cutting-edge manufacturing practices. The seminar will also explore the help available to plastics firms from UK government, with Claire Porter from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) outlining the government’s perspective.

BPF Membership Services Director Stephen Hunt states:

Industry 4.0 clearly has the potential to significantly change the plastics industry. The development of ‘smart factories’ will create amazing opportunities for manufacturers in the plastics industry and we will soon be able to optimise manufacturing processes in ways that it is currently hard to imagine. Standing still is rarely an option in business, and we feel that every manufacturer in our industry will benefit from coming to this seminar and learning what the future holds.

This event will take place on 6 June at the BPF offices in London. Full details of the seminar are available on the BPF website. 

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