Discover Higher Productivity Thanks to Automation

Download the free whitepaper from KUKA Robotics UK to discover how the plastics industry is staying competitive by adopting automation and digitisation with the KUKA KR QUANTEC.

From energy management to the automotive industry, from the medical to the packaging industry – plastic is an extremely versatile and popular raw material. The demand for plastic has risen steadily in recent years. But the industry is also facing major challenges: new and creative solutions are needed in order to remain competitive in a global market while at the same time providing consistently high quality.

Higher energy prices and limited access to raw materials demand more productivity and efficiency. What is the solution? Companies must rethink the way they create value and fundamentally revamp their existing processes. One promising approach is the use of even more production automation in both the plastics processing industry and for tool mould making. While it appears to be the obvious answer, it often causes uncertainty, especially for medium-sized companies: Is it financially viable to rethink production methods? What about the return on investment? How quickly can automated solutions be implemented, and are they flexible?

The short answer: Automation is definitely worth pursuing. More efficient processes mean lower costs over the long term. And with a tailor-made solution, the investment will quickly pay off.

Download the free whitepaper from KUKA to find out how medium-sized companies in the plastics processing industry remain competitive through automation and digitisation of the manufacturing process – whether it’s handling, loading and unloading of injection moulding machines or machining components.

Download KUKA’s industry report today: KUKA Whitepaper – Higher productivity thanks to automation. How the plastics industry is staying competitive.

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