Dryflex TPE Compounds Open Up New Product Design Possibilities

Dryflex is a family of Thermoplastic Elastomers developed by HEXPOL TPE (PlastikCity profile). They are designed to add soft-touch appeal, functional performance or product safety features to a range of applications in the consumer, automotive, industrial, packaging and construction markets.

Dryflex TPEs are extremely adaptable and versatile. They can be soft, flexible, transparent or coloured. HEXPOL TPE have engineered grades that are flame-retardant, chemical resistant, conductive, lightweight, antimicrobial, silky-smooth and even water-swellable.

Dryflex TPEs are available in a range of hardnesses from 0 Shore A to 65 Shore D. They are fully recyclable and are easy to process using standard thermoplastic processing methods such as injection moulding and extrusion. The Dryflex TPE family also includes grades for adhesion to a variety of substrates such as PP, PE, ABS, PA and PC in overmoulding and co-extrusion applications. Dryflex is one of the most comprehensive portfolios of TPEs in the market; with grades based on TPS, TPO, TPU, TPV and biobased technologies.

Typical applications for Dryflex TPEs include: glazing profiles, grips and handles, sports equipment, pipe-seals, toys and baby products, automotive mats, wearable technology and speciality cables.

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