ENGEL Introduces performance.boost

Two things are required to exploit the full potential of injection moulding: in-depth machine knowledge and experience in application technology. ENGEL plans to combine both into ‘performance.boost,’ a new service for process analysis and optimisation.

ENGEL performance.boost starts with an in-depth analysis of the running production process by ENGEL specialists. They record the process settings and the pertinent efficiency and quality performance indicators to identify the existing optimisation potential. While doing so, they take into account the improvements offered by, for example, smart assistance systems, condition monitoring solutions or other products from ENGEL’s inject 4.0 portfolio.

Based on these results, the customer decides which optimisation steps they would like to implement with the support of ENGEL application technology. Users benefit from ENGEL’s high level of expertise in systems solutions. The automation solution, the peripheral units and the upstream and downstream processes integrated into the production process can be evaluated in the scope of process analysis and taken into account in the optimisation recommendations.

“Process analysis and optimisation have never been so efficient,” stresses Harald Wegerer, Vice President of ENGEL’s Customer Service Division. “Thanks to e-connect.24, even travel time and costs can be saved in many cases.”

ENGEL becoming a production supporter

e-connect.24, the ENGEL solution for online support and remote maintenance, makes it possible to transfer screens from the machine control unit to an external computer via a secure remote connection in real-time, allowing virtual collaboration at the customer’s request.

Digital solutions are playing an increasingly important role at all levels of the product life cycle. ENGEL is already helping its customers to leverage efficiency and quality potential along the entire value stream with numerous established and proven products and services from its inject 4.0 portfolio.

ENGEL performance.boost establishes the next milestone with its focus on optimising ongoing production processes.

“We’re increasingly becoming a production support service,” says Wegerer. “With our consulting expertise, we give our customers the assurance that their production is operating at the best possible efficiency levels and delivering consistently high quality at all times.”

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