ES-1400II the Star of the Show at B&H Mouldings

When B&H Mouldings needed to urgently replace two ageing Cartesian robots, the company utilised PlastikCity’s online procurement platform to contact automation suppliers, leading to the installation of two new Star robots courtesy of Plastech Solutions.

Manchester-based B&H Mouldings moved to their current, larger Trafford Park premises in 2015, and now operate injection moulding machines up to 1300 tonnes locking force.  The company produces an extensive range of plastic mouldings for a variety of clients, including those from the field of leisure, cosmetic, brewing and electrics.

Already strong advocates for machine automation, the decision was made to replace two ageing robots with faster and more reliable units.

An enquiry for 3-axis (cartesian) robots was posted on the PlastikCity procurement website, which has a section dedicated to plastic sector automation. Daley Williams, Sales Manager for Plastech Solutions, followed up swiftly, and subsequently visited B&H’s Managing Director Barry Warburton to fully evaluate their requirements.

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The customer was running 320T and 550T injection moulding machines with two old competitor robots that needed urgent replacement, as they were hindering the ability to meet the current order schedule. As the appointed UK agency for Star Automation, Plastech Solutions were able to specify two Star ES-1400II robots. This model ideally suited B&H’s technical requirements, as well as having the stability and reliability for continuous, uninterrupted production.

Boasting accuracy levels of +/- 0.1mm, and maximum power consumption of just 2.0 kW, the ES series provides advanced features such as ejector synchronisation during part extraction. Plastech Solutions confirmed the robots were available from stock, and completed the installation in the shortest possible time, ensuring B&H was back in production, running faster and with increased production efficiency.

STAR Automation ES-1400II robot, fitted with optional integrated sprue-picker.

Barry Warburton, B&H’s Managing Director commented:

“It was a great experience working with the team at Plastech Solutions from start to finish. The robots were delivered promptly, ahead of the agreed lead time. The commissioning and training were first class and a fundamental part of the process for us as a company to upgrade our equipment while ensuring our customer’s order schedule was fully satisfied. Thank you to Plastech Solutions and to PlastikCity for making the connection.”

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