Intelicare Expands on Frigosystem Partnership

Intelicare provides a recently-expanded range of Frigosystem chillers (with various compressor technology) from 7 – 4700kW, as well as dry coolers, true adiabatic coolers and temperature controllers. 

Together with the supply of equipment, Intelicare offer on-site consultations, complete installation services (including pipework), commissioning, breakdown services, and planned preventative maintenance contracts. Payment options, including leasing, are also available.

Intelicare’s supplier, Frigosystem, has always been synonymous with high-performing, efficient and reliable machines. With its latest developments and specialist technology, it has further strengthened its position as a skilled and reliable partner for OEMs and end-users of myriad applications:

‘HC’ combined heating and cooling technology

With a choice of up to three independent temperature outlets, ranging from -10˚C to +90˚C, a single HC thermorefrigeration unit can control the process temperatures on a variety of applications. Available in water and air-cooled versions, HC units (as with much of Frigosystem’s equipment) are specified by OEMs worldwide, for example in printing and converting, where manufacturers can control different temperatures for the calendar, drum, inks and motors with a single unit.

Inverter compressors

Designed to guarantee the highest performance in any operating condition, Frigosystem can now provide variable speed full inverter technology for scroll and screw compressor chillers. Even in high load profile applications, inverter technology ensures significant efficiency improvements compared to traditional fixed speed compressor units. Furthermore, inverter technology involves a start-up phase with a very low in-rush current, meaning no electrical and mechanical stress.

New range of temperature control

Frigosystem’s unveiled a new series of temperature controllers: TRW for water and TMO for oil. In the new range, cooling powers are available up to 300 kW and standard pumps up to 2000 l/min, with the new heating modules allowing heating powers up to 300 kW. Some models can be equipped with direct injection of hot oil, hot water or indirect steam and, thanks to their elevated CoP (Coefficient of Performance), all these external heat-generating sources represent an efficient alternative to electrical heating. With the new TRW-TMO series, there are even more configuration possibilities.

Turbocor chillers

This range of advanced chillers operates with magnetic levitation compressors up to 4,700kW. Available as air or water-cooled versions, these chillers are compact, virtually silent and unbeatably efficient (ESEER 9.52) providing a competitive total cost of ownership and finance-department-pleasing return on investment.


Frigosystem’s KITE and KITE DEX are renowned water-cooled air chillers for blown film applications (as well as standard chiller + cooling coil option). This range of chillers are specified and depended on by OEMs and end-users worldwide, and were used by some of the biggest blown film lines exhibited during K 2019.

To find out more, please visit Intelicare’s website www.intelicare.co.uk, or email sales@intelicare.co.uk.

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