Interplas 2017: ALBIS UK Presents Technical Compound Solutions for the Automotive and E&E Industries

ALBIS PLASTIC presents its range of technical compounds with a focus to the automotive and electrical and electronics industry at Interplas 2017, Birmingham, UK.

From September 26th-28th, ALBIS, located in hall 4, stand G60, will present its own brand ALCOM® product portfolio including ALCOM® LB (Light Blocking), ALCOM® LD (Light Diffusion), ALCOM® LG (Light Guiding) and ALCOM® TC (Thermally Conductive).

“With these products we offer interesting and custom-tailored solutions for LED lighting applications and economically efficient alternatives for plastic components. The products from the ALCOM® LB (Light Blocking) line ensure high light blocking properties while simultaneously providing a high degree of reflection to increase light output”, Andy Pilling, Technical Manager at ALBIS UK, explains.

Moreover the ALCOM® LB line of products represents the ideal housing material for safety lights and emergency lighting systems due to their high flame retardancy and glow wire resistance.

Use of ALCOM® LD (Light Diffusion) products ensures homogeneous and efficient light distribution by avoiding annoying hot spots. Moreover the ALCOM® LD line also offers ALCOM® LDX versions, light diffusing compounds for extrusion of profiles for linear LED light strips and covers. The ALBIS ALCOM® LDX line offers ready-to-use compounds with high translucence and optimum light scattering for homogeneous illumination.

ALCOM® TC (Thermally Conductive) has an improved thermal conductivity to increase the efficiency of LED’s thus contributing to an increase in the service life of electronic components.

In this context, at last, ALBIS supported Steinel Elektronik, the market leader in sensor-controlled lighting, that was looking for a production material suitable for use in replacing the aluminum-based rear housing panel on an exterior LED light (Model XLED Home 2) with a heat-conductive plastic that would support the entire system in heat management. In the end Steinel used an ALBIS’ ALCOM TCD grade (thermally conductive and electrically insulating) to bring this project to fruition.

Furthermore, ALBIS presents its ALTECH® ECO compounds consisting of up to 100% recycled polymers. Based on carefully selected raw materials, recycling-based compounds supplement the ALTECH® portfolio with a range of sustainable engineered thermoplastics.

ALTECH® ECO achieve material properties comparable to those based on prime materials. This “near-to-prime“ quality is ensured by prudent selection of raw materials, stringent quality controls and narrow production tolerances. The ALTECH® ECO portfolio offers customized products for various applications, based on recycled PA6, PA66, PP, PC and ABS. The material offers a broad range of properties on a high technical level such as glass fiber reinforcement, impact modification and heat aging resistance.

In addition to ALBIS’ technical compounds, the company also offers its customers light-scattering master batches for polycarbonate. TheseALPERFORM® PC-LD and ALPERFORM® PC-LDX concentrates are used for injection molding and extrusion processes. In addition to cost efficiency, the advantages include high flexibility for individual adjustment of the light transmission and light scattering directly during processing. ALPERFORM® ABS LB, meanwhile, stands for significantly increased light reflection and very low light transmission, making it ideal for the self colouring of highly reflective and light-blocking LED light housing and reflectors made of ABS and PC/ABS. Furthermore, ALBIS offers grades for power tool applications. The latest development is an adhesion modified TPV elastomer for polyamides with easy flow characteristics, which is offered under the own brand name ALFATER XL.

ALFATER XL 4PA0010 (TPV – crosslinked PP/EPDM) is eminently suitable for overmolded gaskets and sealings as well as 2K handles for power tools. It bonds on non-reinforced, reinforced, and impact modified polyamides such as PA6 and PA66. The grade is not only suitable for 2K molding processes, but also for insert molding. Further benefits are on the one hand the good outdoor resistance (UV / ozone) and on the other the good chemical and hydrolysis resistance.

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