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Diaries at the ready as KraussMaffei announces dates for Pioneers!Talks, a new series of virtual events starting next year focusing on current trends and developments in the plastics sector.

With the Pioneers!Talks, in 2021 KraussMaffei will continue to rely on digital events: the focus on the new format is on topics relating to current trends and developments in the plastics sector. The interactive format invites visitors to actively participate. The next two events will start in February – they will involve the demanding material Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), and the trends and potential plastics in medical technology, so it’s ideal for those looking to get one step ahead and sniff out trends in medical technology.

Here’s what we know…

Every part a good part – Sustainable coffee enjoyment with silicone (February 10)

LSR is the ideal material for the manufacture of durable, temperature-resistant and bacteria-resistant products, making it ideal for applications in medical technology and in daily life. Using the example of a reusable lid for a coffee-to-go cup, KraussMaffei, together with the mould maker ACH Solution, will demonstrate how easy and safe the successful processing of this demanding material is and what potential it has for the zero-fault production with LSR.

Coffee Lid - KraussMaffei

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Plastics help to cure diseases – Trends and potential in the medical industry (February 11)

Modern medical technology would be inconceivable without plastics. They support the healing process and are today vital in the truest sense of the word. We need only think of modern surgery or the experiences with Covid-19. At the Pioneers!Talks, the speakers will provide an insight into the solutions KraussMaffei is developing in these challenging times and what trends can be expected in the future. Other webinar topics are complete traceability and digital services, which ensure continuous production even during times of restriction.

Medical Pipette - KraussMaffei

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