Kistler Takes Plastics Processing to a New Level with ComoNeo 2.1.0

At NPE 2018 in Orlando, Florida (May 7 to 11), the Kistler Group will demonstrate a wide range of modular functionalities for ComoNeo: the process monitoring system that takes injection moulding to a higher level with integrated quality monitoring geared to meet customers’ needs and requirements.

Since its initial launch three years ago, the ComoNeo process monitoring and control system has continued to evolve. Injection moulding experts now have a mature and flexible solution to monitor and optimize their processes. Based on the measurement of the cavity pressure, it is possible to significantly increase the efficiency of plastics processing, which means preventing the occurrence of rejects, increasing quality and reducing costs.

More and more, injection moulding companies are confronted with new, complex tasks. Increasingly demanding requirements and functional integration in component design result in multi-component systems with complex process technology, for example in lightweight design for the automotive and aerospace industries. To support such applications, ComoNeo can also control multi-component and RTM processes as of version 2.1.0. Two or more processes, depending on the component, would traditionally have to be recorded and evaluated separately whereas with the ComoNeo 2.1.0 it is possible to monitor up to four components in various tool technologies.

Transparent processes guarantee quality and reduce costs

In addition to user-oriented visualization and the integrated assistance systems based on expert knowledge, ComoNeo now also offers a model-based prediction of component quality based on specified tolerance limits. The integrated software calculates the optimal process parameters and thus ensures higher quality, especially in demanding applications.

In addition to predicting the production quality, all collected data can be stored in the central ComoDataCenter database and are thus available for further analysis. ComoNeo also controls the transfer of proven tool configurations to other machines as well as the balancing of the hot runner in multi-cavity moulds.

Dr. Robert Vaculik, Head of the Plastics Business Unit at Kistler, said: “The wide range of functionalities now integrated into ComoNeo enables our customers to tailor a multifunctional system to their specific application in a virtually modular fashion. This makes it possible to efficiently control the increased complexity in the injection moulding process, resulting in higher quality and lower production costs. The potential of process-integrated quality monitoring is far from exhausted.”

Kistler looks forward to seeing you at the NPE 2018 in Orlando from May 7–11, 2018 at booth W7145. For more information about ComoNeo, click on the following link:

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