LVS Small Plastic Parts Secure Post-Brexit Reshoring Work

Following a post Brexit initiative, the team at LVS Small Plastic Parts have recently secured their first reshoring project of 2017, adding circa 8% to annual growth through the production of around 300,000 components per month.

LVS will be producing boot storage containers (L&R hand variants) and retention hooks for high-end automotive interiors.  Manufactured in PC-ABS and having grained ‘A-face’ finish, the larger 1+1 tools will run on a Negri Bossi hybrid 800 tonne machine with automation.  The top frames for the containers are to be produced on a 380 tonne machine using complex tooling with a total of 32 ‘up and aways’.

The new client is a German Tier 1 Automotive Company with a global footprint.  Their UK assembly plant previously received all its plastic mouldings from Germany or Eastern Europe, requiring full loads to minimise transport costs.

LVS Managing Director, Simon Anderson commented.

“We will offer a stable cost (no exchange rate fluctuations), and we will use our fleet of vehicles to deliver product ‘line side’ twice daily on flow racks. As well as almost eliminating all stock holding for the client, product quality will improve. They previously had an ‘accepted’ level of fall out due to transportation and the very long storage times,” LVS Managing Director, Simon Anderson commented.

“We secured this valuable business by delivering a cost saving per part, reduced inventory levels, improved quality of product and a speed to resolve engineering changes that couldn’t be previously achieved.”

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