Meet the CEO – Rob Nugent at RJG

RJG’s new CEO Rob Nugent chats with Founder Rod Groleau about his background, goals, and vision for RJG.

Back in June RJG announced the appointment of Rob Nugent as their new CEO.


Rob started his career in engineering but found a strong connection with the commercial side of the business, with a love for having a deep understanding of the customers’ needs. This passion for people fueled his success, which later put him into executive positions in large global organisations. He has a strong track record of developing clear visions, developing strategies and aligning organisations to deliver results. Rob has led successful teams in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia. He has a passion for developing people and building strong teams, and he strives to create a positive atmosphere.

Rob grew up in Northern Michigan but has lived both in the United States and abroad. He will be relocating his family to the Traverse City, Michigan area from Wisconsin. In his spare time, he likes to be with his family and is an outdoor enthusiast. He has a big heart for helping people in need and is involved in various outreach programs.

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