New Mould Heater Range From Renmar

Renmar Plastics Machinery are now distributing the new ZG mould heater range by AEC. This new range effectively replaces the old VCU range and there are some significant differences.

Firstly, the heaters and pumps are now made from stainless steel rather than cast iron. Water supply outlets and inlets are ¾ inch but are supplied with 1 inch adapters and the high-flow pump can operate within a range of between 0°C and 120°C

There are two models in the ZG range. The ZG200 has a 9kw Heater and a 2HP Pump which is rated at up to 189 litres/min and the ZG300 which has a 12kw Heater and a 3HP Pump which is rated at up to 227 litres/min.

For more information, contact Renmar Plastics Machinery.

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