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Specialist PVC Component Development & Production Service

Plunkett Associates have recently teamed up with a supplier who has been moulding PVC for the last 30 years.

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Composite Moulding Pressure & Temperature Sensor

To support new, automated resin transfer (RTM) and wet moulding composite manufacturing methods, Kistler Instruments has produced a novel, combined low pressure and high temperature sensor.

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Verus Launch V-FIX4 Modular Metrology Fixture Kit

A Truly Modular Metrology Fixture Kit, the V-FIX4™ system allows for fast interchangeable pre-assembled holding solutions. Build multiple modules off line and drop them into the V-FIX4™ frame when you need them.

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Ultrasonic Compressed Air Leak Detection System

ELTEC was established to identify waste energy and offer solutions, including compressed air leak surveys. Air leaks can amount to 30% of a compressor’s capacity that can cost more than £10k upwards.

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