Polymer Price Reports Released for January 2019

The latest polymer price reports and charts have been released by Plastrack.

Standard Thermoplastics Trends January 2019:

Ethylene (C2) Feedstock – in January prices were largely stable on the back of little movement in the price of oil and naphtha. Both demand and supply are at low levels.

Propylene (C3) – in January prices were stable with little movement seen in the price of oil and naphtha. Demand is at low levels with unplanned capacity restrictions in place in a number of locations. Demand has returned to normal levels following quieter Christmas period.

LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE experienced further price falls in January with normal levels of supply and low levels of demand.

PP pricing decreased by Eur 2/mt in January. A higher price fall was predicted however capacity issues affected supply and demand returned to more normal levels enabling producers to hold on to margin.

PVC pricing levels decreased by Eur 22/mt in January. Supply is at normal levels and demand improved to normal levels after the quiet Christmas period.

Styrenic prices experienced a slight Eur 29/mt decrease in the month on the back of further falls in styrene monomer pricing levels. Supply is at normal levels but demand is high with buyers re-stocking due to the more attractive pricing level.

Standard Thermoplastics Polymer Price Report

Engineering Thermoplastics Trends January 2019:

Benzene feedstock pricing increased slightly by Eur 9/mt. This increase (the first for many months) is on the back of higher demand levels and stable oil and naphtha pricing. Supply continues at high levels.

PC prices increased slightly by Eur 6/mt in January. Supply continues at high levels and demand remains low although increased slightly following the Christmas period. Weak demand from the automotive sector continues to suppress overall demand levels.

PA6 pricing was largely stable in the month of January. Supply continues at very low levels and demand is still weak on the back of lower automotive demand. Price falls are predicted in the coming period driven by the continued weaker demand.

PA66 pricing was largely stable in the month. The supply situation remains difficult and at low levels however this was balanced with lower levels of demand attributed to the weak automotive sector. Price stability is predicted in the coming period.

PBT pricing averages increased by Eur 52/mt in January. Supply and demand are at low levels. Price stability is predicted in the coming period.

POM pricing was stable during the month. Supply is at low levels with smaller levels of imported material from China being seen in the market place. The weak automotive sector has suppressed overall demand to low levels.

PMMA pricing reduced by Eur 50/mt in January. Supply is at normal levels but demand continues at low levels with no improvement in sight for the automotive sector.

Engineering Thermoplastics Polymer Price Report

Plastrack Polymer Price Index

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