PrimeTec®: VELOX Makes the Next Step in Engineering Plastics

With almost 25 years of commercial and technical expertise in the plastics and composites industry, VELOX has built up a long-lasting and extensive worldwide network with suppliers for raw material specialities.

In addition to the distribution of the partner products, the company has continued to expand its business activities and now goes the next step as a comprehensive solution provider developing and producing highly specialised and application-specific solutions for the plastics industry. Under the brand name PrimeTec® VELOX will be providing individual new developments as well as modifications for a wide range of products. First projects have already started. At FAKUMA (hall 5001, booth B5), VELOX experts will answer all questions regarding PrimeTec® .

Interview with François Minec, General Manager at VELOX.

What is PrimeTec®?

PrimeTec® is VELOX’ own brand for highly customised and application-specific technical plastics solutions. In addition to our vast portfolio of partner products we are also developing new tailored solutions or modifications of existing products that our clients otherwise cannot find on the market or where they need an alternative.

What will VELOX exactly provide under the brand PrimeTec®?

The range of solutions provided will contain all from smart modifications or adaptations for specific applications, alternatives to existing high-specific products to the development of completely new solutions not yet available on the market.

How will VELOX develop the customised solutions?

Depending on the solution needed, we will be producing the requested solutions ourselves within the facilities of our development partner SETUP Performance or in close cooperation with our longtime partner network. We will be cooperating closely with our customers, taking into consideration their specific needs and requirements and making sure they get fast and competent support. Besides, we are also able to develop and provide small quantities.

Is there already demand on the market?

In recent years, we have seen a growing demand for diverse high-end solutions that are not available on the market and need to be developed individually. We have already started with several PrimeTec® projects with existing and new clients, who need bespoke solutions for industrial and food applications.

What does PrimeTec® mean for VELOX?

With PrimeTec®, VELOX makes the next logical step from a distributor to a comprehensive solution provider. We have always been more than just a trader of raw material specialities. For the last 25 years we have provided our customers in the plastics, composites, rubber as well as paints and coatings industries in Europe and beyond with high-end materials in all quantities as well as with bespoke consulting, technical support, after-sales service, documentation and training. With PrimeTec®, we will be offering specialities beyond our current portfolio. Therefore, we will find out what our customers need and cannot easily find on the market, or where they look for alternatives because of diverse reasons, e. g. challenges regarding processing, small quantities, quality etc. We will then check our possibilities to develop that solution, providing our customers comprehensive support through all the following steps.

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