PS Partnerships to Exhibit at Interplas 2021

Plastics consultancy PS Partnerships is involved in an increasing number of projects that support clients with better environmental management of polymer raw materials and plastic products. PS Partnerships will be on hand at Interplas to discuss any current or planned sustainability projects you are working on.

PS Partnerships, a plastics technology, regulatory and quality management consultancy, will be exhibiting on Stand B89 at Interplas from 28-30 September 2021.

Paul Shipton and Suzanne Johnston of PS Partnerships are technical authors of a new innovative standard to help organisations achieve and maintain zero plastic pellet loss to the environment across their pellet handling operations:  ‘PAS 510: plastic pellets, flakes and powders – handling and management throughout the supply chain to prevent their leakage to the environment – specification‘. As the world’s first plastic pellet loss prevention standard, it sets out requirements for managing plastic pellets, flakes and powders throughout the supply chain and builds on the work (and success) of Operation Clean Sweep. The sponsors and steering group included the British Plastics Federation, The Investor Forum, Flora & Fauna International, and BSI. It is available to download for free from the BSI website.

Technical Director Paul Shipton commented:

As we start to move out of the pandemic we are seeing plastics supply chains focusing on environmental sustainability driven by legislation such as the new packaging which, from April 2022  applies to packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic, the EU medical device regulations applicable from May 2021 which now has end of life requirements and targets set by organisations such as the NHS of to be world’s first net-zero national health service by 2040.

Plastics processors and raw materials logistics companies want to be seen as playing their part in preventing marine pollution in handling raw materials and we are seeing increased interest in validating materials handling processes.”

Operations Director Suzanne Johnston added:

We are experiencing an increase in support requested from plastics product supply businesses, particularly those preparing tenders that need to include detailed sustainability information. Interpretation of terms, demonstrating credibility and basic carbon accountancy can be a minefield but building a sustainability strategy around the product and its life cycle is often the first step.

“We welcome anyone who would like to discuss current or planned sustainability projects to come along to Stand B89 at Interplas.”

Click here to register for Interplas. Don’t forget to swing by Stand B89 at Interplas to find out more about PS Partnerships and discuss any current or planned sustainability projects you are working on.

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