Twenty Five Years of Support for UK and Irish Customers

Roger Talbot, internal service coordinator at ARBURG Ltd has completed 25 years dedicated service at the company, since joining in 1994.

On the 13th June 1994, Roger Talbot joined the company when ARBURG was dealt with through agents Hahn & Kolb in Rugby. He joined the company as an external service engineer covering the UK and Ireland.

After some years in this role, Roger moved to an internal role within the service department at ARBURG Ltd where he has been ever since. Roger’s role includes; assisting customers with everyday requests via the phone, responding to emails about their machines and robots, liaising with other ARBURG Ltd colleagues within in the sales and service department, scheduling the external service engineer’s visits on a daily and weekly basis and talking to German colleagues at the parent company in Lossburg.

Over the last twenty-five years, many ARBURG customers will have communicated with Roger via email and phone or with personal visits to ARBURG Ltd. At times it can be a challenging role and so it is always pleasing to receive compliments following a job well done, and Roger has rightly received the gratitude from customers who rely on his expert knowledge when looking for advice and assistance.

Clearly the job has changed a great deal over the years as the technologies have innovated and become more complex within the product range on the machines, robots and now the with the freeformer additive manufacturing machines. Roger and his fellow service colleagues have recognised this and have had to adapt to maintain the high standards expected by ARBURG and its customers.

Colin Tirel, Managing Director of Arburg UK commented: “In the midst of these incredibly sad and troubled times we are living through, I wanted to post this good news message on Monday morning to give a positive start to your week. Earlier this year Roger Talbot our internal service coordinator completed 25 years of service at ABRURG Ltd. Clearly, in that time, many customers have benefitted from his knowledge, ensuring their ARBURG equipment continue producing components.

That’s 25 years supporting customers throughout the UK and Ireland. Well done Roger!

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