Webinar Recap – Cut Your Colour Costs in Half

Paul Edmondson and John Goulbourn of Riverdale Global teamed up with PlastikMedia last week to present a fascinating webinar demonstrating the economic and sustainability benefits of Riverdale’s unique liquid colour system for plastics.

Originally broadcast live on Tuesday 16th March 2021, PlastikMedia Webinars were joined by liquid colour management specialists Riverdale Global for an hour-long presentation and live Q&A session. With over 50 years of experience in the field, Riverdale put it best when they say: “We don’t just understand this process; we invented it.”

If you missed the session but would like to catch up, you can watch the event replay here, or view the video below.

Recent advances in dosing technology, coupled with Riverdale Global’s purpose-built sealed drum system, mean that using liquid colour in your plastics process is no longer the messy activity it once was considered to be and can bring significant cost and sustainability benefits to plastics processors.

Riverdale’s closed-loop system is designed to eliminate mess and spillage, allowing processors to take full advantage of the benefits of liquid colour. These include a high metering accuracy, reduced colour variance and elimination of costly colour changes and purges whilst removing the traditional drawbacks associated with liquid colour’s use.


This webinar is a practical guide to gaining production efficiencies, specifically with regard to processes that incorporate regrind. It also covers novel solutions in the field of colour and additives, which genuinely bring bottom-line benefits to the plastics processor.

During the second half of the webinar, John outlines a series of UK and EU-based case studies where significant savings were delivered to extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding customers after installing liquid colour systems from Riverdale. The event then closed with a live Q&A session, where attendees fielded a series of questions to John and Paul.

Discover how you can start to make sustainable savings by watching the recording below or visit http://www.riverdaleglobal.com/ for more information. If you’d like to enquire directly, please contact John Goulbourn at john.goulbourn@riverdaleglobal.com.

What is a webinar?

Since the introduction of social distancing measures across the country, a dilemma has occurred in an industry that typically relies on exhibitions, trade fairs and open-house events to promote its latest products and developments. Enter the webinar.

A webinar is the amalgamation of ‘web’ and ‘seminar,’ an engaging online event where a speaker delivers a presentation to a large audience. Viewers can participate by submitting questions, responding to polls, and using other interactive tools to engage with the presenter.

Webinars allow you to deliver a presentation to a worldwide audience, engaging multiple prospects at once, with trackable statistics and data capture enabling your sales teams to follow up with all attendees and registrants. Hosting a webinar not only provides a platform to display your products or services but places your company as a credible voice within the industry, building trust and awareness in your brand.

PlastikMedia Webinars

So, why use PlastikMedia Webinars to host your live event? Not only are we highly experienced in the UK + Irish plastics markets, understanding your products and your prospects, but we also have experience gained from hosting multiple live events already. Over time we have perfected our formula, now handling everything behind the scenes, allowing a client to provide a speaker and a presentation leaving us to worry about everything else.

Our ready-made audience and database in the plastics manufacturing sector allow us to promote your event directly, creating invitations, landing pages and other marketing materials to drive registrations.

We can already reach your target market in the plastic manufacturing sector, enabling us to provide the audience, the technology, and the platform for you to deliver a fascinating presentation, all in one package.

If you’d like to find out more, visit our ‘Webinars’ page to see a walkthrough of the entire process, visit the ‘Our Work’ page to see some of our previous webinars, or click here and here to see an example of our email invitations. All designed and delivered by us, leaving you to perfect your presentation!

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