Wittmann Battenfeld Offers Big Savings on Material Drying

Wittmann Battenfeld UK has just launched significant savings on key models in its material drying range. Effective from now, prices on both the Drymax primus E30 and Drymax primus E60 have been reduced by 20%.

The unreliable weather in the summer months worldwide has lately been proven to be a disrupting factor in many kinds of plastics processing. Unpredictable fluctuations in temperature and humidity have disturbed many operational settings and production plans.

The primus Wittmann Dryers are designed to shield the plastics processor from such temperature and humidity variables, ensuring that day-to-day quality in plastics processing is achieved. Both Drymax primus models feature stainless steel drying hoppers, material saving functions; counterflow regeneration and a simple start-up procedure.

Daniel Williams, joint Wittmann Battenfeld UK Managing Director, commented: ‘We hope that both of these primus models will appeal to customers who have a clear need to protect and promote production quality. Material drying technology is vital in preventing high-cost engineering polymers going to waste. This equipment is a way of ensuring product integrity throughout.’

The Wittmann Battenfeld UK discount offer is available until September 30, 2020. Tracy Cadman, joint Managing Director, added: ‘Wittmann Battenfeld is committed to helping UK and Irish injection moulders do the very best that they can in emerging from lockdown and in recovering operational strength and competitiveness. With that in mind, we are planning to introduce regular equipment promotions in this way.’

Wittmann Battenfeld’s injection moulding equipment has been key to customers who are helping supply medical device and healthcare components in order to fight the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The company’s core range of MicroPower, EcoPower and SmartPower injection moulding machines (15-550t) are all available in cleanroom ready medical versions: All three are also available in multi-component format. Minimum emissions are standard and all machines can be upgraded for cleanroom purposes to the EN-ISO 14644 medical standard.

The Wittmann primus range of ancillary equipment – dryers, robots, temperature controllers – is also helping in the COVID-19 battle.

For details of all equipment, contact Wittmann Battenfeld UK at 01933 275 777 or visit the company website.

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