WITTMANN WX138 Robot: A New Era Begins

At the K 2019, WITTMANN will showcase numerous new robot models: two new appliances of the PRIMUS series and three models of the SONIC high-speed series, as well as the newly developed WX138.

WITTMANN is famous for robots equipped with mobile X-axes, which show their advantages especially in 2-component applications, and in cases of flexible gripper design with various additional axes: that is, in complex automation solutions which are typical for injection moulding machines ranging from 300 to 4,000 t. Their design also has a positive effect on the vertical dimensions of production cells, since it thus becomes possible to work with lower adapters. For injection moulding machines with up to 300 t clamping force, it is an advantage to have overhangs arranged compactly. This is particularly important when it comes to the necessary protection of the machine operator. For all of these reasons, WITTMANN will exclusively offer the first robot with a rigid X-axis in the new WX design.

The WX138 is much more than a simple revision of an existing appliance. The WX138 has a fundamentally new design. It comes with a load capacity of 12 kg and several brand-new features.

The demolding stroke (X-axis) is available in a range from 620 to 920 mm and is driven innovatively by an internal belt. In this way, the drive unit is completely concealed inside the profile of the demolding axis, and the moving loads have been reduced by 30%. The vertical stroke ranging from 800 to 1,200 mm offers sufficient flexibility for using the WX138 in insider cells as well as on injection moulding machines with 300 t clamping force. Another feature worth mentioning is the dramatically increased rigidity of the vertical profile, which has been developed in-house by WITTMANN. Compared to similar systems, the rigidity in the direction of the demolding stroke has been increased by 50%, and in the direction of the main carrier (Z-axis) by 100%.

Moreover, the appliance’s sophisticated design offers the advantages of internal cable routing and protection of the vertical drive. The main axis (Z) comes with the same design as the demolding stroke and integrates the drive unit inside the steel profile in the same way. The steel profile has also been developed by WITTMANN and houses the energy supply as well as the drive. In this way, all moving components are optimally shielded against coming into contact with the operator. Together with the compact control cabinet, whose space requirements behind the Z-axis are less than 130 mm, the overall design of the WX138 ensures that the robot can be operated very easily and protected in line with CE principles.

In developing this appliance, WITTMANN has paid special attention to designing a cost-efficient system which is not limited to just the robot itself, but also includes the necessary protective elements. On the whole, this opens up an even wider field of application for the WX138 on all kinds of injection moulding machines.


Like all WX appliances, the WX138 also operates with the new WITTMANN R9 control system. Its 10.1″ touch-display offers all features of an efficient control centre, including the creation of robot sequences and the ability to exchange data with other appliances via OPC-UA.

The WX138 from WITTMANN will be available for delivery from the end of 2019.

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