A Year-End Silver Lining for Wittmann Battenfeld UK

By anyone’s standards, 2020 has been an extraordinary year. For Wittmann Battenfeld UK, 2020 began with a change in management, as Barry Hill handed the reins to both Tracy Cadman and Dan Williams. Just a few weeks later, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world with full force.

The past twelve months have been extremely challenging, to say the very least. As they say, ‘who knew’ when Dan and I took on our new roles that Covid 19 would have such a huge impact in our very first year, recalls Tracy Cadman, at the end of an extremely challenging first year as Joint-Managing Director.

Even putting all economics aside, 2020 has seen an unprecedented spike in new pandemic-related admin demands. The business of simply running a company has expanded – in health and safety matters; in logistical matters; in Government and local authority liaison and so forth. We have succeeded in adding these fresh duties and tasks to our load. To be fair, the furlough scheme has been very welcome and helped us carry on through, adds Tracy.

Joint Wittmann Battenfeld UK Managing Director, Dan Williams notes that the trade moulding sector endured a relatively quiet summer, but remains upbeat for year-end and looking forward to 2021.

Now, both enquiries and orders are exceeding our pre-Covid levels. We are very pleased that customer demand is now strong on all fronts; automation; medical and healthcare moulding, micromoulding and general-purpose trade moulding are all holding up extremely well.

Dan adds: Wittmann Battenfeld UK provides its customers with many distinct assets. The Wittmann Group listens very closely to the evolving needs of injection moulders. As a result, we can keep our customers well ahead of the curve; in terms of advanced technology, industry 4.0 and provide in-depth expertise in automation, medical technology and SmartPower, MicroPower and MacroPower injection moulding machines.

Tracy believes that the joint MD partnership has worked very well, and the pressures of the pandemic made her team more efficient: I worked with Dan for many years prior to our new roles, and we both knew that we could make things a success if I headed up operations and if Dan and his team looked after sales.

As long as we are not blindsided by any fresh contingencies, the formula has worked very well and will continue to do so. During the pandemic, we had to restructure, and this brought a streamlined team much closer and therefore made for greater efficiencies.

Dan adds: In addition, we are very privileged to enjoy continued, unfaltering support from the Wittmann Group and – most importantly – to be part of a family-owned company that values its staff. Judging by current business enquiries, we have every reason to look forward to the coming year ahead.

2020 has been an extraordinary year, to say the least, adds Dan.  However, Tracy and I wish to thank our team and, above all, our customers for their grit, endurance and skill in responding to the crisis. We wish them all a very happy Christmas and New Year with their families.

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